Future Portfolio

Our future portfolio of vehicles will redefine off-grid and expedition user experiences.

We will leverage the most appropriate donor vehicles with electrification and alternative fuel powertrains at their core.


Coming Soon

The eMOTO is a disruptive modular electric bike concept, which sits in the space between e-mountainbike and enduro motorcycle.

Offering performance, on and off-road capable, 2WD, full electric and with some key architectural innovations which dramatically expand the use cases / appeal and redefine the customer economics.

Series 2 EV

Coming Soon

As a derivative of the D110e, our All-Electric Land Rover Series 2 has a uniquely designed and adjusted all-electric 4x4 drive train driven through the transfer case.

It features ground up, better-than-new interior retrims, an exterior paint job, and targeted modernisations to bring it into the 21st century and beyond.

U2450 Mercedes Unimog

Coming Soon

Built on the unstoppable Unimog the MODA-U2450 is your fully equipped, go anywhere, luxury platform. Perfect for up to six people to explore, sleep, relax and work in comfort anywhere on the planet.

Fully restored and upgraded, with a new MODA designed expedition body layout, with innovative features and a marine inspired interior.

Next Gen MODA Expedition Campers

In Development

For our Next Gen MODA Expedition Campers we have developed a new camper experience, featuring a flexible layout which provides a new type of inside / outside living and stretches the vehicle use cases from full off-grid expedition and living to the ultimate day trip recreational base.

This proposition has been been developed across three platforms: an AWD van, a 4x4 small truck, and a 4x4 double cab chassis.


Design Approach

Idea Driven | Process Led | Experimental in Testing | Considered in Design | Good for the Planet

The design process is an integral part of a MODA vehicle's development process.

We also work closely with our partners through the development and production stages of the build.

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