Sustainability & Electrification

We Are Committed To Our Planet

Sustainability is not just a messaging pillar we use as a marketing tool, it is a core belief and although we understand our own limitations, we must take steps in the right direction.

We recognise that resources are finite in our world, and therefore should be used consciously, with purpose and with long-term priorities in mind.

We Are Driving Electrification

In both our current and future portfolio we are developing all-electric icons, restoring, upgrading and kitting out the ultimate Off-Roaders that are good for the planet.

Our All-Electric Land Rover Defender D110e is leading the charge on this journey.


D110e Fully Electric Defender

Available Q4 2022

With 150kW motor driving all four wheels through the transfer case, with silent running, near instant torque and no gears the D110e is set to redefine off-road capability. Boasting approx. 150mile range, sub 8 second 0-60mph and zero tailpipe emissions the D110e is the perfect weekend warrior or daily driver.

Future Plus Partnership

We are working with FuturePlus to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability, and to help guide us on our mission to leave a positive impact on our planet.

Future Plus is an innovative platform that provides organisations with benchmark sustainability scores, and a roadmap with quantifiable measures for their future impact.

Future Plus is supporting us to refine our ambitions, and track and transform our environmental, social, diversity and inclusion, climate, and economic sustainability practices in meaningful and accessible ways, to create positive change.

Future Plus are also helping us think about our decisions and relationships consciously and with purpose as we go on our sustainability journey.