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Creating the next generation of adventure vehicles and experiences, designed to inspire a new wave of adventurers to explore the best our planet has to offer and spark a deeper connection with our environment.


Our Ambition

We plan to build the most revered adventure vehicles and experiences in the world. Anchored in innovation, striving towards zero tailpipe emission, and positive footprint exploration. We want to enable personal growth and legacy through experiences rather than introspective personal reward.


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Whether you're looking to find out more as an investor, partner, or to join the team, click the link below to hear from Founder & CEO, Rich Brown around MODA's vision to grow the adventure vehicle and experiences market.

Our Philosophy


    Adventure means many things to us, the road less travelled, uncharted territory, landscapes, biodiversity, challenge and endeavour, but perhaps above all being present, in the moment to take in all that’s in front of us.


    Both electrification and zero tailpipe emissions are firmly on our roadmap as we strive to make no emission exploration a reality. Our first electric vehicle launched will be a fully off-road capable Land Rover Defender with multiple other EV projects in the pipeline.


    We believe there is opportunity to achieve better use of the precious energy and materials that have gone into making vehicles and the broader impact the vehicles have on our environment. We design for multiple use cases in parallel, from personal/ family use through to syndicated ownership.


    We are re-imaging the value chain to focus where we can add and build the most value. We are partnering and collaborating upstream to bring new products and market access to partners, while achieving speed, efficiency, and asset light delivery, and downstream to bring new products and experiences to established communities through channel partners.


    Our approach is grounded in circular economy principles, and we have ambition for our activities to be Net Zero, and to carbon offset production and give our customers the opportunity to offset their travel footprint. Our launch vehicle portfolio is up-cycled and restored vehicles that breathe new life in materials the planet has already paid for.


    We believe that great products and experiences are grounded in insight and build on firm foundations of customer and market need. We have a desire learn, listen and prioritise in order to 'Design the Right Thing' which will solve real problems and create enduring appeal.


Our Inspirations

Our goal is to create and deliver memorable adventure products and experiences that can inspire others to become intrepid explorers, iconic innovators and conservation champions - just like those individuals who have inspired us.

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