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Our Vision

We strive to be the change agents who grow the adventure vehicle and experiences market, while activating a new ecological movement.

It is our ambition to re-shape the nature of adventure travel, and inspire those fortunate enough to have the time and funds to explore our planet to become the custodians of the places, communities, and biodiversity they experience along the way.

Adventure Travel is expected to grow three fold in the coming years, and the intersection between adventure, luxury and eco-travel is both drawing in a new cohort of adventurer, and inspiring seasoned travellers to explore further.

We believe there is an opportunity to redefine luxury towards experience and personal growth; both our vehicles and experiences will enable the most adventurous to access and engage with the best the planet has to offer, creating new perspectives and memories in the cleanest way possible.

Our Team

We have assembled, and will continue to build an exceptional team with the automotive, adventure and design thinking experience required to successfully innovate and execute, the passion, agility, and flexibility to drive momentum.

As well as core team we have also handpicked group of world class contractors and technical build partners to deliver at pace.

The team’s capability and experience is enhanced through an advisory board of seasoned and successful entrepreneurs providing challenge and support alongside governance.

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Our Vehicles

We are re-imagining the adventure vehicle value chain to extend and expand the market. We plan to enhance the end-to-end proposition where we can add most value while mobilizing and partnering with the best in the business around common growth objectives.

Our vehicles are grounded in the principles of treading lightly and the circular economy. Our first generation of vehicles are build around the most capable, up-cycled donor vehicles in order to breath new life and purpose into sunk carbon, materials and energy.

Our up-cycled Land Rovers, can match a modern vehicle for capability, out-perform on reliability for remote repair and maintenance, and offer almost a lap of the planet, and many years of use before ‘breaking even’ with an all new vehicle.

Our Expeditions

With our downstream partners we will offer a breadth of memorable expedition experiences to showcase our products in the most remarkable locations.

Our goal is to create life-changing adventure experiences that are curated, designed and operated by some of the finest adventure professionals in the world.

We seek to use these expeditions as a platform to showcase our MODA vehicles and other products that our downstream partners may wish to feature in their natural habitats.

Our Syndicate

True adventure doesn’t come cheap but we aim to redefine access models through building the MODA Syndicate which will allow our channel partners to offer shared access models across their broader portfolio.

Customers will be able to take shared ownership of specific assets or hold a membership in a broader portfolio of assets including vehicles, locations and equipment to suit their adventure goals and generating deeper recurring relationships.

Our goal within the MODA Syndicate model is to increase utilisation and impact of the scarce resources whilst providing vehicle time for research and conservation use.

Our Footprint

We accept that resources are finite in our world, and therefore should be used conservatively and purposefully with long-term priorities in mind.

We are working hard to partner with existing and upcoming organisations who are committed to adding to the knowledge of and reducing the adverse impacts on our environment.

Our primary sustainability partner is FuturePlus, an innovative platform that provides us with benchmark sustainability scores and a roadmap with quantifiable measures for future impact. It allows us to track and transform our social, diversity and inclusion, climate, economic and environmental sustainability practices in meaningful and accessible ways.

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Where is MODA incorporated?

MODA Industries Ltd is incorporated in the UK, with a wholly owned subsidiary incorporated in Australia, MODA Industries Australia Pty Ltd.

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